Meow Mix
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Meow Mix

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more_vertMeow Mix 貓糧 原味配方 (16磅)
HKD 155.00

Meow Mix 貓糧 原味配方 (16磅)close

With the delicious flavors of chicken, turkey, salmon, and ocean fish, cats ask for Meow Mix® Original Choice cat food by name. It’s the perfect mix to help you connect with your cat over a healthy meal.此原味配方由美味雞肉,火雞,三文魚及海魚製成至多種形狀,香脆可口,令貓隻欲罷不能。包括全穀類,高質素之蛋白質及其它高品質食材。易於消化及吸收。完全及均衡之營養令骨骼更強壯,牙齒更健康,毛色更亮麗及充滿活力。成份分析粗蛋白31%,粗脂肪8%,鈣質1%,磷質0.8%,粗纖維4%。※100% complete and balanced nutrition   &nbs..

Meow Mix

For over 40 years, the Meow Mix® brand has been dedicated to understanding our furry family members. That’s why we are committed to giving cats the nutrition they need and the delicious flavors that leave them purring for more!

We’ll never totally figure them out, but we know Meow Mix® makes them happy. After all, it’s the only brand cats ask for by name.